Lyrics : The Moon

"Are you gonna mope all night?"
I focus my eyes, I guess he's probably right
"Did you drag me off from my couch
So we could sit here in silence until we say goodnight?"
He says, "We need a change of scene
Let's go to the bar around the corner where it's always dark"
And as we're putting our money down
Claire's asking Charlie if we're hittin' the town

He says, "We're making our way to the moon
And we're taking off soon"

She says, "I'd be down for the moon
But I didn't bring my helmet"
She catches me rolling my eyes
So I say, "I packed a spare"
I don't think it saves me, but she doesn't seem to care
She's asking Rose for her bill
And just as she's paying, Judy walks in the door
She's giving Charlie a hug
She won't look in my eyes, but she asks where we're going

He says, "We're making our way to the moon
And we're taking off soon"

Judy laughs a little too hard
I didn't think it was that funny the first time around
Claire asks if she'd like to join
She says, "That'd be nice," and I don't know what the hell's going on
But soon we're walking the street
Charlie's walking with Claire and Judy's walking with me
I say, "I didn't expect to see you"
She says, "To be honest, I knew exactly where you'd be"

And I say, "Making my way to the moon"
And she laughs too soon

That old feeling pours over me
Reaches to the pit of my stomach, so I reach for her hand
She pulls it away from me
She says, "You know it can't be like that"

We'll just make our way to the moon
And I'll see you soon