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(Oh yeah)
Oh, where'd you get the thing from? (Thief and beggar)
Uh, get it off me (Leash and chain)
Ooh, they did you wrong (Oh, yes they did)
Look at your heart broke (What's in your pocket?)
You don't need it more than me, though (You a king, though)
Come off your gold chain
What's in your pocket? (Profit and wage)
Come off that lil' tennis bracelet (Increase the pay)
I'm takin' debit cards (Thief and beggar)
Yeah, get it off me (Leash and chain)

Yeah, yeah, um
I met her last summer at a concert
She's a little younger so quickly I knew I loved her
But, drunkenly I fumbled over wrong words
I just kept on speakin' as quietly she whispered to me
Love is the reason that the homies beefin'
Defeat the lonely demons
It's hard to go to sleep when all you see is
Her face and all the time that I wasted
So when my mind'll be faded, whether we die or we naked
Where do we go from here?
I fear that I will be alone somewhere
And she'll forget me like a old hobby
So deep inside you, I would like you for your soul
Can I cop that?