Lyrics : Creep


Kicked in the teeth, dragged through the dirt
Thrown to the dogs while everyone watched
Suppression sewn shut
Say something, say anything
I’m on the edge of a knife
No stranger to the bleed
Do I make you uncomfortable?
Are you afraid?

If I'm a dead man walking you're the nail in my coffin
If I'm a dead man, I don’t give a fuck

Rather die a pariah than live an acolyte
Too busy shaking the fence to be shaking hands
It doesn't hurt like it used to, losing faith in you
Nothing to lose, but faith in you
(Nothing) Nothing to lose, but faith in you

Maybe it’s just me
Chip on my shoulder, cold heart on my sleeve
Head down low
Breathe it in, breathe in the dirt
Creep along
Save yourself
Nobody knows, nobody cares
So creep along

(Nothing, nothing) Nothing to lose but faith in you
So what’s the price for a counterfeit soul?
An opportunity to play some fucking 1’s and 0’s
Metalcore snitches
I’m not religious but I know a double cross when I see one
So what the fuck is up?

Stone cold, keep your composure
Sleep with one eye open