Lyrics : Chevron 2

Well, well, well, well, well
PRA in first place

I can't wait 'til Rolling Loud (Huh?)
BabyKane strippin' n***as for they bustdowns
Touchdown, I ain't postin' pics or none of that (Uh-uh)
I need twenty-two racks if you want that back (Give it here)
Drove across the US in a Sprinter with straps (Factual)
Chopper lookin' just like rockin' an Oregon hat
That G23 fat, it look like Nikki Parker
I'm obssesed, I'm Professor Oglevee attached
You said you broke the ho for how much? (Cap)
You said that watch you got is how much? (Cap)
You said check the scoreboard and your gang up?
You work at Lids wearin' a Negro League baseball hat
You ain't gon' find one picture of me flexing stacks (Never)
I'm from Oakland where your ass get killed like that
Light Divine and Miss Kim helpin' me raise Max
'Cause Max mama bum ass tryna model and rat
Stomach bigger than a BB-dub at dinner
Cherry Moncler on stage like a Detroit winter
Still off that Patr-enn', beatin' up my liver
In Arizona gettin' ate by a b*t*h off of Tinder (Ugh, ugh)
Let's go head up, I bet I knock off your fender
After y'all done with that groupie ass b*t*h, I'ma send her
Offset Jim ain't come with us, but we still mobbin'
b*t*h ass n***as ain't gon' even touch my baby picture
Floyd, Lloyd, Tells, and BLACK shootin' dice with the Mozzys
Baby dad, Burberry dripped on my body
Look like Giannis, 34 from the Milwaukee Bucks
b*t*h, she ain't cheatin', so she ate my dry salami
Cleat check, one take Jake in my Air Force 1s (I need that)
Tied both shorts with a Glock 23 in the club
Moses with me, PRA, and like fifteen Bloods
I just left Crazy Girls with a strip full of ones
Do a few, knock two, and did my Dougie (Uh)
I wish I would give a bungalow bum my money
Clout chasin' ass n***as be famous and hungry
Dirty and bummy, press record and do something funny
Can't nan' n***a ever say they took sh*t from me (Never)
Can't nan' n***a ever say they killed sh*t for me (Never)
I wrote this sh*t while on tour driving through Tennessee
Soon as tour over, I'ma go cop a '63

Shout out Tub