Lyrics : ​​strongboi

Take it up with god
I'm just the messenger undressing her
Allowing her to love herself
Take herself off the shelf
Got a healthy appetite for what feel right
What a sight
Her tits out wet from a dip
Slipping into silk
As she starts to laugh like thunder
Dance, dance like water reflecting the sun
Run, run, run towards a new year
Hear, hear
I'm feeling fiery and full of what I need
To get me to sunrise

Oh she left me seeing stars
Like I was hit on the head real f**king hard
I see you
Just remember that I feel you too
Love is simple, love is complicated
Am I ever really satiated?
I warned you
There's always better views
I'm tickled pink
But sometimes I feel blue
How can you possibly be see thru
Deep warmth rising thru my body
I'm high again and I feel a longing

Sharpen your claws, my girl
Learn to love your flaws, my girl
Don't listen to the laws that make you feel small, my girl
We're a waterfall
And we fall and we fall
But I'd rather fall than never try at all
Let me play
I'm a kid in many ways
I've got cheeky love for days
Just give me a taste
Trembling at the thought of your sweet face
I'll be loving with you once again
We send, we bend
Kissing my friends
The party never ends, let's do it again