Lyrics : All Glass

Yeah, yeah
Steppin' on this shit, slidin’ on that shit
Praise the Lord, baby

Yeah, money in the church pot
Your nephew work for me, got bundles in his church socks
Big bunny rabbit, I drop a package, my youngins down to slide
Shot up your Escalade, I bought 'em all, Playstation 5
They hold you for three days if you a suspect for a recent murder
You get released if they don't find a witness or the burner
Guess that’s why Chapo dug the tunnel and smoked all the workers
Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō, my coca do the Tina Turner
Kyrie Irving, Uncle Fred had his strap to the head
Better get that boy to the doctor before them bullets spread
Hit that nigga twice, he was leakin', but is he dead or not?
Followed him to the hospital, shoot it out in the parkin' lot
My nuts dropped, first I got money and then the power
Bitch, I'm in this shit, like Burberry shirts at baby showers
Shot these kids on her face, give yo' wifey a baby shower
East side is the army, go get you a navy tower, what's up, bitch?

Kane train, nigga, I'ma keep this shit movin', fuck it
Kane, let’s go (Haha, yo)

Yeezy’s on, but I ain't never seen a Sunday service
They dealin’ with some Afghani gangsters and made a purchase
Don't do no crimes with no rappers, nigga, you know the verdict
They shot up Troy Maserati, I know that nigga nervous
Bitch, I got the shit they hit Rickey with, keep it in the ride
Drop a forty-two seven-fifty on automatic drive
Bitches had to get checked, they neglect to respect a nigga mind
Treat a ho like André 3000 ain't fuck with Caroline
An undercover Saturday lover, Alex O'Neal
I keep a chicken cluckin’, dope fiend fiendin', fuck it, my wheels on
A nigga from the G' with a foreign automobile
And county sheriffs and the feds wanna put me under the jail
Had to back away from the scale, these snakes movin' in tall grass
Ball 'til I fall, never pass the ball with my bald ass
Aaron Hall fuckin' these hoes, don't need no hall pass
Straight drop right on the table and it was all glass (All glass)

Hahaha, yeah, nigga
Straight drop right on the table, it was all glass, Walter White

You got one part of that wrong
This (This) is not meth (Is not meth)