Lyrics : ​i don’t think i love you anymore (Recorded at Electric Lady Studios NYC)

I don't really trust myself with you
Let you back in, forgive and forget
But then I get bruised
I just blame it on myself
Like it's all me, thinking I'm useless
Making excuses not even you believe

Got this stranger feeling rushing through my head
Can't drop it; it's already halfway there
I've been finding reasons to pretend and just ignore it
Now, I got some thoughts to share

I don't think I love you anymore
Don't believe it when I say I feel like I'm yours
And I know you only say that you love me so I'll stay
But this feeling just became a thought
I don't think I love you anymore
No, I don't think I love you anymore
(Oh no, oh no, yeah)

And I try, I try to not bring it back to you
But tonight, tonight, I don't know what I'm gonna do, yeah
'Cause I come and get a bad vibe
Stay the night and we argue for the sixth time
And I cry, say I'm leaving with a sure mind every time
But this time, I