Lyrics : Inner Peace Freestyle

Half of their hours, brain devoured by the beast
Dollars can't bring inner peace but that still be what they teach
Me I get out and create and now the world is in my reach
Half of their hours, brain devoured by the beast
Dollars can't bring inner peace but that still be what they teach
Me I get out and create and now the world is in my reach

The world is in my reach
Inner peace
Im gonna be free
First I gotta figure out what that means
I know only I hold the key
To my own sovereignty
Too distracted in what could be
I just need to be the better me
Whatever the f**k that means
Truly I can't believe
The way the world switched scenes
We were all lit up Christmas trees
Now we all bi polar like Geminis
I guarantee my music will take that bullsh*t to sea
Rid away the disease like a vaccine
I know its so bittersweet
To hear HiVibes their cup of tea
Sorry you need a dose of realty
My haters like my lil wannabes
Walk on water nah jet ski
I won all my spelling bees
Now I'm on the thirty third degree
Didn't sell my soul imma escapee