Lyrics : Never Fo’get Me


I'm gonna make sure you never forget me

Goin' through these struggles everyday on this pavement
In every hood I see 'em doin' the same
There's a lot a haters that don't want me to make it
All I want is for you to remember my name
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me
So that you'll never forget me
Oh Ay Oh !

(Krayzie Bone)

(Verse 1)
When I'm dead n' gone they gon' remember me
As being one of the livest, genuine ghetto survivor
When they gain terror inside, I pop in they mind
A silent killa, straight outta the ghetto, a grimy n***a
My lyrics more potent than a vipers venom, one bit could
Kill em', when I get in em' n***as never knew what hit em
For what we done did on these streets, n for what we
Done spit on these records
We take em' and put em' on beats and give em back no
Grandaddy of the mid-west
Krayzie Jackson
The lyrical serial killa
A felon, the innocent is askin' about the mind I master
When it comes to the rhymes I'm faster than half these
n***as rappin'
When it comes the the grind I'm mashin' no time
For second chances
When it a goes down and they put me in my grave
" f**k Em' All " across my tombstone and burry me
With my gauge