Lyrics : f*ckin’ Boyfriend

Would you ever be my
Would you be my f**kin' boyfriend?
Would you ever be my
Would you be my f**kin’ boyfriend?
Would you ever be my
Would you be my f**kin' boyfriend?
f**kin', f**kin’, f**kin', f**kin', f**kin'

How come every time you take me out you never take no photos?
I been being patient, but it's like you're movin' slo-mo
You say I'm your favorite, but you keep me on the low though
Find a loner, I’m the loner

I ain’t tryna rush ya, I'm just tryna make it clearer
That whenever you’re ready, baby, I'ma be right here
I understand that right now you on your solo
I wanna know now, I just gotta know
If I had all the money, all the cars
Live the life of a superstar
It don't mean a thing without you here
I wanna know, wanna know
Just tell me would you?