Lyrics : Quiet

Verse 1: Folk
It's been a year of fear and a week of deceit
Most folks so scared probly sh*t in they sleep
After hearing a speech from the commander in chief
This ain't a bush bash, clap the magnum and peace
No sh*t, the world's f**ked, there ain't nothing we can do about it
They still win even if we got the newest ballot
Do you, cause it is what it is
You get money, give money, we just tryin' to live
Always laugh, smoke weed
f**k a lot, flip P's
f**k the cops, good health
No disease, on the beach with a breeze
Good gin, good tonic
Good women, good chronic
Good life, Shakespeare
Good signing
Get off the internet and out in the world, it's not
Human using MySpace for meetin' a girl, we just
Becomin' so pathetic, no effort
Madness with no method
And cars with no credit

Verse 2: Aesop Rock
The pitter patter of paws in a pit of gravel
Chase clip quick and the volume is getting louder
Evading a multi-headed dog whose jaws are little daggers
Zig-zag off and then wash in the water hazards
What a haggard operation
Lit the city bricks, no grips, no gaffers
A recognizable pattern
Just popped up on the grid in a random fit of malignancy
Cancer that masticate every tissue in the industry
Back and as invisible as ever to the average infantry
Gaffel malt money, fatten up the cows
When the howls hatch up out together by the ring of jagged jowls
This is how the daily sacrifices are corralled
And I never lost my religion
It simply never organized itself into a mission
For similar fish to swim in
It isn't prayer circles or ribbons around tradition
Justified by the solicited subscriptions to the vision
I work alone (?) to vertigo
Every dirty merchant out to reinterpret (?)
Walk on the award-winning Earth
Where behind that moral compass you're a whore skipping church
Move through the core at a (?)
Targets, hooves, and (?) what his pilgrimage isn't
And when the people chant
The sing along is free
It go "We are the wild tigers"
"The wild tigers are we"

Verse 3: Stress
Well since I heard about Stress sucks
What, you messed up?
Selling it for ten bucks
Toys like a Hess truck
Who gon' test us?
Speed, never rest up
Tabloids and coke got your girlfriend sexed up
Just got checked up, clean bill of health
Lungs like a cheetah with the speed and the stealth
f**k blow I'll just keep weed on the shelf
And tt never gets old cause I chief it myself
"Hey put the blunt out"
Yo what the f**k you say?
Flash you with the green, never keep it tucked away
It's never stale, always fresh like the duffel yay
Just go and chuck a f**ker you just in the troubled way
Don't understand me Folk, they seem a bit confused
I'ont spit to lose please don't get it misconstrued
I talk sh*t, my epidermis is the firmest
Feel the goosebumps jump up seconds before a skirmish
I go and earn it, you steal and try and return it
I learn it and then I use it, forget it and then I burn it
Oh sh*t
You slap they ass back
Back to the days when cats really made they ass rat
Now most is runnin' off the block like a halfback
I want my cash back
Like a check's cashed
Bring the hands back, crowd is full of dead fans
Now it's a poppin' party pu**y and it's full of piff
The brothers spittin but we scuffle like some pugilists
And what we do when we doin' it and we do it well
I got a sandwich and a dutch on super chill
New York,New York, the greatest place right here
They hit us with the color code cause they like fear
Ay yo I like free
Still I like me
Ice-T from Long Island like Spike Lee
Big glasses
Big asses
And finesse the sound be so drastic