Lyrics : The Invitation (Script)



A candy child is playing with a doll and making it talk to her hand.

CANDY CHILD: “Mom, I wanna play outside with consuelo!” “Cool your jets! It’s super dangerous outside. Little kids have to stay in the castle.” “But I’m rowdy.”

The camera cuts back to show the child is in a large sandcastle on a beach.

CANDY CHILD: “Yeah, well, but look.”

A wave comes onto the beach. The sandcastle is protected by a moat.

CANDY CHILD: “See what happens? You want a playdate with death? That’s why you have to stay inside. And, cause consuelo’s mom is a pain in the neck. I-”

The child gasps. Cut to some of the other candy people on the beach. Chocoberry is spreading butter on Mr. Cupcake’s back.

CHOCOBERRY: In the heat of the sun you burn like a pink little baby!


Chocoberry and Mr. Cupcake turn to look.


CHOCOBERRY: Oh, a scream!

The candy child runs to Mr. Cupcake.


MR. CUPCAKE: Well, now, what seems to be the trouble?

CANDY CHILD: I saw something in the water, and I was like, “No thanks!”

She runs past him.

CANDY CHILD: Out of my way, muffin man!

MR. CUPCAKE: How rude! Well, whatever that little girl saw will be a mystery forever.

He looks out at the still ocean. A large ship immediately pops out of the water. Mr. Cupcake looks aghast.

SHIP: Transport for seeker X-J-77 Strong has arrived.

Two large tentacle-like appendages extend from the ship.

SHIP: Please verify identity as Strong.

MR. CUPCAKE: Oh, trust me, I’m strong indeed. Pow, pow!

He flexes his muscles. The tentacles lift him up.

MR. CUPCAKE: Eh? Not enough? You need to feel them guns?

SHIP: Verifying.

The ship begins shaking Mr. Cupcake.

MR. CUPCAKE: Woah! Well, hello frisky!

He giggles. Chocoberry watches from a distance.

CHOCOBERRY: Todd! I’m right here!

SHIP: Identifying. Dangerous mutant. Initiating defensive mode.

The ship fully emerges from the water, revealing two large wings. It puts Mr. Cupcake face down in the sand and pushes him deep into the ground.

SHIP: Seeking human.

The ship begins slowly flying over the beach, sending candy citizens running in fear.

SHIP: Human. Come home to safety. Seeking human.

Cut to a close-up of the candy child’s doll.

SHIP: Human. Come home to safety.


Finn and Jake are at an outdoor market, trying on clothes. Jake has a baseball cap on. Finn is in a comically oversized sweater.

FINN: Hey, Jake, what about this one?

They turn and look at each other. Jake laughs.

JAKE: Great. We’re gonna look so great for this funeral.

BMO runs into frame wearing a bandeau.

BMO: How do you like my bandeau? I was too embarrassed to get a bra fitting. I know they are professionals, but it’s just too intimate.

JAKE: You look great!

Suddenly, the ship is heard from a distance.

SHIP: Settlement detected. Continuing search for X-J-77.

The ship flies over the walls of the Candy Kingdom. Banana guards run towards it.

BANANA GUARD: Get him! Attack! Attack!

The banana guards yell.

SHIP: Hostile cylinders detected. Release countermeasures.

The ship opens two flaps. Some miniature versions of itself pour out and attack the banana guards, covering their faces. Their screams are muffled.

SHIP: Hostile cylinders immobilized.

The Gumball Guardians walk into frame.

SHIP: Engaging hostile bobbleheads.

The Gumball Guardians hit the ship with psychic waves, causing it to wobble.

SHIP: Neutralizing. Please do not turn your system off during neutralization.

The ship sends out a pulse which counters the Gumball Guardians’ attack, knocking them out and causing them to collapse into some nearby buildings.

FINN: Holy mud! It took out the Gumball Guards like they was nothin’!

BMO: BMO doesn’t like it!

JAKE: We gotta chop this thing into smashaghetti.

Finn pulls out his sword and charges the ship, yelling.

FINN: I’ll take you out with these hug nubs!

A banana guard joins him in the charge.

BANANA GUARD: Ah! I’ll help you, Finn!

The ship’s tentacles pick up the banana guard.

BANANA GUARD: Ah! Help me, Finn!

Finn stops. The ship buries the banana guard face down in the ground.

SHIP: Hostile mutant neutralized.

FINN: (Thinking) You got this, Finn Mertens. You’re a buff little bionic baby. (Out loud) Rush! Rush!

He charges again.

FINN: Rush!

He leaps onto the ship. It grabs him. He drops his sword and yells.

SHIP: Verifying. Human identified.

The ship drops Finn.

SHIP: Infant PG-8-7 Mertens.

The ships neutralizing the banana guards let them go and return to the main ship, which lands on the ground.

SHIP: PG-8-7.

FINN: Uh… You mean me?

SHIP: You will assist this transport in locating seeker X-J-77.

The ship extends a ramp and extends a c*ckpit out of its top.

SHIP: PG-8-7 Mertens, please climb aboard. Please climb aboard. Come on.

FINN: Mertens? Wait, do you, like, know me?

He approaches the ship. Jake punches it multiple times with a massive fist, crushing it. Finn looks shocked and angry.

JAKE: Got it! Great work distracting ‘em, Finn.

Finn says nothing.

JAKE: You okay, dude?

FINN: I feel like that ship might’ve been important, but I’m fine.

JAKE: Yeah, my hands are a little sore from smashing, but I’m fine too.

BMO charges the ship.

BMO: Hiyah!

BMO kicks the ship.

BMO: Ha ha! Once again, BMO comes out on top.

BMO kicks the ship again, knocking off a panel. A wire comes out and connects itself to BMO, whose screen turns to static and then goes black.


Finn and Jake run over.

FINN: BMO, you okay?

Jake turns BMO around. BMO’s screen is black and a message comes up on screen. The message is read in the ship’s voice.

BMO: Signal received. XJ-7-7 requests transport.

An image of Susan Strong appears on BMO.


Cut to Susan in the hospital. She opens her eyes. A nurse removes a tube connected to her nose. Finn is next to her bed.

FINN: Hey.

SUSAN: Hi, Finn.

FINN: Uh, sorry again my grass arm busted you up.

SUSAN: It’s okay. At the time, Susan was gonna bust you up. Where’s Jake? Is he okay?

She sits up.

FINN: He’s outside. He’s bringing the ship over.

SUSAN: The ship?

Cut to outside the hospital. Finn and Susan approach the ship. It’s still smoking and destroyed.

SUSAN: Oh, ship.

She hears BMO humming. She turns and sees BMO hooked into the ship while Princess Bubblegum works on the undercarriage. Princess Bubblegum comes out from under the ship.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: How ‘bout it, Suze? Does any of this look familiar?

Jake pops out of the side of the ship.

JAKE: Me and Finn took this whole bad block down ourselves! Took a bit of fananglin’, but I never hunt what I can’t catch.

Susan sees the image of herself displayed on BMO. She climbs up the ramp to the c*ckpit and sits down. Suddenly, she has a flashback. Images fly by rapidly. First, what looks like a younger version of herself stands on a beach. Second, an island with buildings on it and some kind of pipe system. Thirdly, she sees herself approaching another person on the beach. Fourthly, she imagines a map, with one large landmass and a path drawn to a distant island. Fifthly, she imagines herself piloting the ship. She approaches a large being with one broken eye. The ship is then shown crashing into the sea. Back in the present moment, Susan removes her hat and rubs the shaved side of her head.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Hey. Looking for this?

Susan sees Princess Bubblegum holding her cranial implant.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: I’ve been holding onto the remnants of your cranial implant since you kidnapped Finn and almost killed Jake. You remember that? I’m running a comparative mass spec test now.

The apparatus Princess Bubblegum is holding dings.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Yep. Looks like both your implant and the ship have the same technological origin. Human technology.

Susan comes back down from the c*ckpit and puts her hat back on.

BMO: Finished!

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Looks like BMO’s finally downloaded the ship’s last commands.

Text comes up on BMO’s monitor.

BMO: Signal received. Proceed to extraction point. Return seeker XJ-7-7 and cargo to Founders Island, Home.

The map from Susan’s flashback appears on screen.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: BMO, can you give us printouts?

BMO: Yes, okay. Printing.

BMO prints three copies of the map.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Hmm. Man, this island’s way far out there.

Princess Bubblegum distributes the maps. Susan scratches her head.

SUSAN: Susan needs to go back here. To this island. Not sure why. Susan having crazy week.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: I don’t know, Susan. It’s so far. Even I don’t know what’s out there. It’s a pretty risky solo mission.

FINN: I’m going too. I mean, we gotta find out where this ship came from. There could be more of them. And, if this is human-made, then there might be other humans on that island. That’d be cool to see, right?

JAKE: I’ll come too!

BMO: And so will we!


BMO: Oh.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Well, it sounds like you’re all determined. You should borrow my boat, though. This thing is trashed.

She gestures towards the ship.

JAKE: We don’t need a boat! Have you forgotten? With a little imagination…

He begins to sing as he stretches into a boat.

JAKE: … I can be anything that you could ever…

He returns to his normal shape.

JAKE: ...Oh, I lost focus. Hey, yeah, can we borrow your boat?


Finn sits on top of the treehouse. He takes a sip from a mug.

FINN: Are you up here, Fern?

Fern emerges from the tree.

FERN: Hey. Thanks for letting me crash on the roof.

Finn hands him a mug.

FERN: It’s nice up here.

FINN: Stay as long as you want. I came up here to ask a favor. I might be gone for a while on this trip, see, and I need someone to, uh, cover for me here in Ooo.

FERN: Are you sure? I mean, hero biz is your whole thing. And, whatever I am, I’m not you.

FINN: You can just do your own thing with it. Like, if some huge gross monster’s gonna do murder on a buncha innocents, uh, kill it! But kill it you-styles. Just don’t go nuts.

FERN: Okay, I can handle that.

He extends and retracts his sword.

FERN: Thanks for trusting me.

FINN: No, thank you, Fern. I better go pack.

They perform an awkward series of high-fives, then speak simultaneously.

FERN: Uh… We should figure out a better thing.

FINN: Let’s figure out something better.


Jake knocks on the door of Charlie’s house. Charlie answers in a heavily stained shirt.

CHARLIE: Hey… Dad.

Jake’s voice comes from his extended jowl.

JAKE: Charlie, hi. It’s me! It’s dad.

The camera cuts back to reveal Jake’s main body is not there. Rather, he has extended his jowl to Charlie’s house.

JAKE: I have to go on a sea voyage, honey. I wanted to say bye.

CHARLIE: That’s cool. Hey, you can’t see this shirt, right? This shirt has like, four different breakfasts on it.

JAKE: I can’t hear anything. Bye, love you! Mwah!

Jake’s jowl kisses the door frame.

CHARLIE: Mkay, dad. I’ll tell the other pups.

Jake begins to retract his jowl.

JAKE: And, I’m telling the other pups!

The shot follows Jake’s jowl and cuts to Lady Rainicorn’s house. Jake is shown to have extended his jowls in six different directions. He retracts them all back. Lady Rainicorn is standing behind him.

JAKE: Aw, I’m gonna miss you so much, lady.

LADY RAINICORN: 아우 너무 걱정하지 말고 그냥 가서 좋은 형님 노릇하고와. 그리고 올때 기념품이나 사오고.

Jake kisses her.


Finn, Jake, and Fern walk away from the tree house.

JAKE: Finn, did you bring your nail clippers?

FINN: Uh, I think so.

JAKE: Cool, I forgot to.

Finn pauses for a moment to take a look at the treehouse.

FINN: Bye, treehouse!

Inside, Neptr waves goodbye.

NEPTR: Goodbye, creator!

Neptr roves around the tree house.

NEPTR: Now me and BMO can really cut loose.

He waves around a piece of paper.

NEPTR: Look, BMO! I am pretending to trash a hotel room. BMO?


Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have come to see the group off. Finn sits on a log with them while Susan and Jake prepare their gear. As Susan tosses a duffel bag onto the boat, BMO can be heard faintly.

BMO: Ouch.

FINN: Thanks for seeing us off, guys.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Yeah, of course. It’s my boat.

MARCELINE: And we care about him, you dingus! Come on! Sorry, Marcy is up past her bedtime.


She puts her hand on Finn’s shoulder.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: I want you to be really careful out there.

FINN: Don’t worry. We’ve got Susan.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: That’s not what I mean. Finn, I get the sense that this trip’s more important to you than you’re letting on. I mean, if you make it to that island, you might find out some pretty heavy stuff. About the humans and where you came from. About yourself. Alls I’m saying is, you have to promise me, promise me, that you’ll come home safe.


FERN: Hi Bonnie!

Fern pops up between then.


FERN: I’m Fern. I kind of already know you.

They shake hands.

FERN: I have a lot of fuzzy half-memories from when I was this guy.

He looks at Finn.

FINN: Well, just keep the ones where she’s our boss, and forget everything else.

SUSAN: Finn?

They all look over to Susan, who approaches them. Marceline takes off her sunglasses.

MARCELINE: Hey! Good morning.

SUSAN: Boat’s loaded, ready to go.

Princess Bubblegum hugs Finn. Finn and Fern go for a high-five, but Fern accidentally slaps him.

FERN: Ah! I flinched.

FINN: It’s cool.

Cut to Finn and Jake in the boat as Susan pushes it out to sea.

FINN: We’ll be back soon, I promise!

He and Jake wave as Susan hops in the boat.

JAKE: Bye, kids! Don’t be naughty.

Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, and Fern stand on the shore, waving.

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: Bye! Good luck! He’ll be safe.

MARCELINE: Hey, aren’t you that dude that totaled Starchy’s motorcycle?

Cut back to the boat. It rocks in the waves as it begins to pick up speed. Finn takes one last look at Ooo before turning his gaze to the horizon. He takes off his hat and lets his hair flow freely. He holds his hat in one hand and a printed map in the other as they speed through the ocean.