Lyrics : Don’t Sleep

Yo, yeah, yeah
Yeah, Abstract, haha
Alright, yeah
Don't sleep on me (Nah)
Don't do it
Don't sleep on me (Nah)
Don't sleep on me
Don't sleep on me (Nah)
Don't do it (Why?)
Don't sleep on me
My crew party all night, why? 'Cause they don't sleep on me
Realize what I write, don't underestimate the things I gon' be
Nah, don't sleep on me
Y'all be sorry if you ever ever slept on me

Sat down, looked into the reflection
What lies beneath my eyes even I get perplexed in
Even friends are gettin' mad 'cause they see my direction
I'm headed up? Yeah, above all the haters
Should I mention f**k you? That's for now and that's for later
Angry 'cause I actually got a scheme full of paper
Call me Ass-Crack, yeah now you're f**kin' cool
You're pounded again, you clit-ridin' tool
Everybody's so watered down so I 'cause waves when I hit the pool
Hate now, wave at me when I'm famous, you dumb fools
I just wanna make it though
Always kick the real sh*t
But the top is where I have to go
I'm kinda different 'cause Wyoming's where I'm livin', yo
But with these lyrics, I'm just hopin' that one day I'm gon' blow
I ain't gon' lie, I'm scared for my future
I know everyone worries, so time's a torture