Lyrics : Act III (The Death)

The crime you two planned was indeed perfect. If only the victim was alive and the murderers were not. It’s a pity you didn’t know when you started your game of murder...

... that I was playing too

yeah yeah
yeah ah yeah

Dawn and Drizzie [won’t see] us comin'
Mopin’ and whinin’ I’m really offended
Killin’ the king that Ma built in my head
Look up and realize I have ascended
Boy, boy, be a damn savage
Peter Pan have us
Sick of jumpin’ out the window, b*t*h
Low, low, when the self-esteem vanish’
You can see all of me now I’m your daddy

But f**k you expect?
I am romance I am dead
Hot hands with a tat
Flow dance with a branch
I’m only [shoddy information]
With roses, a message you can’t intercept
So planets collide when our fingers connect
You can check
The man in the mirror be standing
Correct [if our plan’s in a fact]

Hey I can see through you, the vudu is clear
I am the devil’s elect, I am the [recruit-me mayor]
with the supernatural
In the grass I’m playing with Medusa’s head
What’s real and what isn’t?
The whole world isn’t and I’m bookin’ with it
Take a page from me if you’re lookin’ in it [mine]
I promote euthanasia from youth to the youth to the youthless living
I can prove my winnings doing what I can, God giving
On the tube and the tele when our fans got spendin'
And [the damn box style] all the competition with it
Laptop and the chair’s still spinnin’
On the news line headings
All up in the game crime-ridden
Cryin' when I drop lines made sittin'
with a blue ribbon
Putting our feelings in a safe
I don’t think you can relate
But I don’t think you can debate it
We are just buying supplies
And atheists running with [avian mileage] we made it
Made it from baking the housing in Hades
And we are descending, the heavens with all in my head
I am all in my head, am I crazy?
I’m on a diet of hiding from people
But people are dying to try out the latest
These b*t*hes are breaking my neck
Stab in the back, to do it almost too easy
I know I should pack then go
Ooh heart is heavy I know that I'm ready
For you to just lead me
'Cause then you will see me on TV
Wonder why everything, anything happens
I wonder why anything, everything happens
I finally just figured that sh*t just happens

Good evening