Lyrics : God the Uncreated One (King Forevermore) [Live at Sing! 2019]

God the uncreated One
The author of salvation
Wrote the laws of space and time
And fashioned worlds to his design
The One whom angel hosts revere
Hung the stars like chandeliers
Numbered every grain of sand
Knows the heart of every man
He is King forever, He is King forever
He is King forevermore

God our fortress and our strength
The rock on which we can depend
Matchless in his majesty
His power and authority
Unshaken by the schemes of man
Never-changing, Great I Am
Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
He is faithful through it all
Crown him King forever
Crown him King forever
Crown him King forevermore

Mighty God in mortal flesh
Forsaken by a traitor's kiss
The curse of sin and centuries
Did pierce the lowly Prince of Peace
Lifted high, the sinless man
Crucified, the spotless Lamb
Buried by the sons of man
Rescued by the Father's hand
To reign as King forever
Reign as King forever
Reign as King forevermore