Lyrics : Outta The Trenches*

Lyrics From Snippet

My n***a was hungry , I went and got him a plate
You broke, get out of the way
They look at me now, like a gotta be paid
This sh*t is never gon stop, n***as turned rats
You think like how was he raised
I used to trap in the rain
But thank god i changed
Ain't tryna go back to them ways
What goes around comes around
n***a that's karma
b*t*h tryna add another comma
She said she fell in love with my designer
I had to Louis my bag
You know that Vuitton sh*t

Thank God, I gotta out the trenches
Even though my n***as still in the system
That b*t*h lied [?]
The tank big enough for 8 b*t*hes, rich b*t*hes, big b*t*hes