Lyrics : ​deloresinterlude.mp3

Ahaha (Woah)
Yeah, woah (Woah)
Woah, yeah (Woah)
Woah (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)
Hey, hey

Are you playing?
It's not a game
Done fell in love, never been same
If I ever see that pretty face I'm going out back just to blow my brains
Better off when your brain off
916, I'm the main boss
If I ever hear that f*cking name again I make 'em disappear like Blaine Jon
I'm the one they put the blame on
'Til I go and turn the fame on
2020 never happened, everybody dying, who to put the blame on
Paint her face, no crayons
Every song and hit, call it aimbot
Same mission just no thots, why they always wanna kill the robot?