Lyrics : Keep the Dream Alive, Lil’ Red

Lone wolf, why are you so sad? Why don't you walk with me for awhile?
You see, I am on my way to visit Grandma's house over four miles away
I don't mind if you don't wanna talk, I can see you're feeling kind of blue
But maybe it will cheer you up if I share my lunch with you

Lone wolf, all my life I have known that I'm kind of strange
I don't really play with other kids, I guess in that way we're both the same
It's not that we don't get along; it has nothing to do with that
But no one wants to come to Grandma's house because they don't want to walk the path through the woods

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I always thought that there would be more out there
So I will keep walking down this unpopulated trail
Accompanied briefly by those who are looking for a little adventure
But to get where I'm going, I'll have to walk the path alone

Lone wolf, perhaps you are down because you've got nowhere to go
I know it's hard to make plans when the future isn't known
But I have always believed that if you work hard at what you love
Destinations will unfold before you, though I'm not quite sure if that's totally accurate

Lone wolf, I think we could be friends, at least for a little while
I'll share my lunch with you daily if you promise you'll try to smile
Maybe you wouldn't be lonely if we both travelled together
Lone wolf, what do you say? United we could brave any weather