Lyrics : Rescued

Ouu, whoa, aye
Whoa, whoa, aye

When I think about you my heart turns new
I don’t know but I’m in love with you
And the skies are too blue for me not to rap to you, no
You give me butterflies, I’m so hypnotize
Let’s go take a ride, it’s gonna be a good time
'Cause I got you and my feelings are so high, when I’m with you, I wanna sing a lullaby
Your love make me fly baby I’m on cloud 9
And I know I want you forever by my side
Hide the trust flaws, I won’t be that kinda guy
No heartbreaking, just embracing no lie
When I’m with you there’s no such thing as time
Girl your so beautiful my mouth is open wide
You got me like
Whoa, whoa, aye
Whoa, whoa, aye

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