Lyrics : Season Finale: Pete x Bas x A92 x PR x R6 x DoRoad x Suspect x PS x Kwengface x Fumez The Engineer - Plugged In

Hey, you know a lot of people ask us "How is C Dot Funded and where do you get your money from?" The simple answer...
Ay, Plugged In, Fumez The Engineer

I'm the one they blame for a lot of their pain
I'm a rassclart beast and I can't be tamed
Grim Reaper, How do you think I got that name?
Man tape estates, man don't play games (no)
When gang got dropped but got there late
They dropped Culprit, so i can't complain
They all wan' know why I open heads
My Zombie don't want nuttin but brains
Bring out the dots and bruck off the back
Cah I might just call this Shotgun Shanе
This Action Man gripped the .12 gauge
Don't slip on thе backroad, get front paged (bow)
Don't need a salon to get man wigged
Just give him a shave and watch him fade
Free Armed Response, free Risky, free T.Scam, free Smokeyy, free Broadday

Reckless was a minor setback
The killers home, all now they ain't get back
Music made them forget that
Two points elsewhere, you ain't no "get back"
You ain't bring waps in gardens
Regularly use it, we take them marchin'
Reignited this beef, they're verbal charged it
They done couple things, now S1s in a casket
Get side by side or its up and under
It rips flesh, we ain't worry about jumpers
He wanna risk so we hit him with a bumper
See him fly high, no point looking under
Spin this coupe, slow down, who's smoking?
I didn't do it like Reckless in motion
I hopped out the car while the whip was rollin'
Hop that fence and my breath was smoking
Why you frontin? You ain't no f**king gunman, cuz
n***as can't say nun 'bout me 'cause they seen or heard how I bun man, bun man
Skid 'round tryna get a pumpkin. I made man jump, man I hit him with the humpty dump
This six shot one will turn into a sticky one if I seen these guys, take Runts, punk
I ain't no eediat, step 'round there and just beat it
But I'mma step 'round there and just beat it
I squeeze it when i see a man (boy)
Then I'mma dash off when i got him
Peewee, my blood, man i love him, i got him
We got bad habits. we've got in common
Catch an opp then we pop him

I got locked in a box, he got put in a box
Its a reckless world, Reckless got hit with the ancient dots (bow)
Shotty come way too rusty, grease that down with WD-40 (grease it)
Don't move your guns outside, we caught Reckless in a mash with 40 (40)
Size twelve boots, i got me a gym bag, me and my team ,that's forty (forty)
And the way i got down Dayz. the scars on him was way too naughty (eurgh)
.44 chunky stones, we done Kloose like twice
Squeakz got fried, they put him on loan
(they put him on sub)

They say I don't rap in an Irish accent
Well, f**k you, I'm already on top (don't care)
Who trap boy like Trapboy
Before Ill invest in jewels, I'll invest in a Glock (bow)
Gangs on top, grind dont stop
Rapping or robbing, anyting for the guap
Bando settings, I'm chilling with fiends
And them man know that you can't beef us
He love to Flex online like Balotelli
But he saw us and shat himself
Oh my, he left his gyal, doesn't matter
She's a Jezebel (Jezzy)
And I heard that the pum pum smell
That's why I don't go for a Roses girl
But I'll still take her, not the beal
I'll ching you down while she gives me a twirl

My bro DD fell in love with his tools
Fill up the car, lets glide on these fools
(lets go)
Bro jump in the ped and drive it, vroom (ska, Ska)
Bro roll-on man, bun man like a zoot
I'm addicted to smoke. ain't nothing like Snoop
My Darg come tapped, he a young Ice Cube
I got sweets tryna empty yutes
Call it M&Ms get a sweety a two

Beefin' with me, i hope you're ready
Don't play with your mental health
'Cause the master will leave you with more than a headache
And mans got a stick like Tiger Woods
Leave a hole in one like Headie (Woi, Woi)
Aight, aye, steady. steady
Can't talk 'bout the things that we've done
'Cause mans on TV, now it gets techy
On the Ride no talk, just adlibs
Bare, Skrrt-skrrt, ching-ching, baow-baow (Baow)
Dot dots same size as Lil' Bow Wow
Stuff two cannons in I'm tryna wile out (find out)
Find out where you hang gang gonna ride out
CeeMizz in my blunt I'm getting high now, hi now
Headshots, we don't sky 'round
Chest shot make a n***a lie down (lie down)
Everything real that a n***a write down
Big stainless steel make a n***a pipe down
This war is too real can never die down
If a A and B then I'm throwing 5s down
I'm S-Pect better respect
Might get your head wet
Tryna come and G Check
Tryna pick which bro had a colourful set
Turn blue purple when i see red (Suwoop)

Ice cubes ina nice cold glass
And a Carta Blanca Bacardi white rum
In the bath with a bad ting
More birds than i just did last week
Money walks into me bank like bugs at a picnic party
I've been bringin' in the bacon, darling
Yeah, Yeah, how come nobody's got flows like this then?

Good question, I don't know
See, I ain't got a clue when i move so-so
No way, we don't play no games
Get crossed when your circles loose like tic-tac-toe
None of them work like Pete & Bas
Got a bigger net worth then Peter Jones
Run up in his house and I kicked off the door
When the family's out and he's home on his own

Step in my forces or my Jordan's (stepper)
Man got pierced like Morgan
Do it this mornin' (yeah), now they're all mournin'
Coulda put more in, but it got borin' (yeah, bu-bu-bu-bu)
Tizzy T, I put my all in
Opp block tourin', I'm like a foreign (skrr)
Four door (skrrt), four in, coulda put more in
But we just wanted to bang, we're whorin'

Still tryna do a man hashtag critically (du-du-du)
Peng brown ting called Tiffany
All on me and the bracelets Tiffany (Oi, come here)
She gave me slop top in the drop top
Nearly had an epiphany (woo)
This black hand ting is Russian (bap), the shined out kicks from Italy
This other side lit? I disagree

I know the opp boys all sick of me (HSQ)
Can't lie, I can't even blame them
(Hitsquad baby)
Pepper that beef, like, tickle me (brrap, brrap)
I just come run and cause mayhem (Bap, bap)
I gotta skeng in the AM
Or when its late tryna catch me a paigon
(Bap, Bap)
Ask me if dem man ride, its blatant
I just say, "no Ronald Reagan"

Me and P like Freddy and Jason (Gang)
Two man, two Anglos, man shave it (woo)
In the two-point-two with two of my bros
Three hours just lookin' for paigons
(Where they at?)
Wave it, man shave it
Do it with flair put your face in the papers
(oi, oi)
Us man just done us a drill
Nostalgic, ain't done it in ages (Bap, Bap)

Fumez The Engineer