Lyrics : Hey Killer [Comeback Season]

Rightnow, I'm fiending on the comedown
Somehow, I miss yeah I strike out
I'm down 2 points in the last round
I'm outplayed, I'm homebound
I tried hard for my hometown
But they wanted a touchdown,,,
Re-do it like nuketown
Now I'm back on the couch again... Say hello to my friends!!!

And I know I let my fam down
And I know I let my team down
Got struck out in the last inning, the last round
Hey killer! Know ur playing for keeps
My hearttt, it simply weeps
Its been weeks since I gave up

Don't stop, don't stop
U got thiss
Don't worry abt everyone talking
Check ur calendar
Do u need another reason?
No I'm not undefeated
But it's comeback season@!!!11

And I rrly need a comeback, I just rrly wanna give up
Finaly round, I think I gotta clutch now
Last alive, cold-blooded on nuketown
I dropped the ball, but I won't let it get me down
It's comeback season!!!!!!1!!

Cos we're all just failures, no we won't win in time
Cause we're all just failures, it's comeback season time
No sense in losing this one
You got mind on that u got ur game stronggg
Won't let it go, u run the lap, you'll catch the ball????

(stevie hook)

(v1olet outro)