Lyrics : Sweet Talk


Threw this little b*t*h some cheese with her rat ass
Slid on an opp, .40 clappin' like a fat ass

Up 20 iPhone 11's, I'm a jackass
b*t*h in the kitchen with the pot, she a lab rat

My b*t*h need a whoopin' with her bad ass
sh*ttyBoyz sh*ttin' on you, sh*tty with your mad ass

'Bout to snap a pic in front of a white wall
From that point on address me as Jim Paul
Turned on your song and I heard a bunch of lies
I just got word an opp was up at gay pride

Heard there was pay off the cliff, so I leaped off
Got your little b*t*h on my d**k, told her leap off
Fire ass slide in my pocket, turn the heat off
Dumbass tried to run off, cut his feet off
Smooth interaction with the clerk off the sweet talk
Bought her some Dior, told that b*t*h take the PINK off