Tracklist "Past Slaps":

1 Designer Noose
2 Make my own bag
3 Love my name
4 Be My Valentine (Ft. Cold Hart)
5 Stepping Into Sin (Ft. Slug † Christ)
6 I Don't Feel Real
7 Don't Leave Me Alone (Ft. Lil Lotus)
8 Smrtdeath & lil aaron
9 Let My Broken Heart Take The Wheel
10 I'ma Shine Like the Best Coke That U Ever Had
11 Bella Thorne
12 Feeling Like Shit But I'm Lookin' Like Money
13 ​i need u
14 You Broke My Heart Yesterday
15 Alone
16 On My Phone (Ft. ​shy)
17 Clipped My Own Wings
18 ​i just die
19 4 U (Ft. Horse Head)
20 Far Away (Ft. LiL BO WEEP)

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