Tracklist "Wanted Dead or Alive":

1 Intro (Wanted Dead or Alive)
2 Dead or Alive (Ft. Willy Ray)
3 Back 2 Life
4 Killer Instinct (Ft. Flesh-N-Bone & Krayzie Bone)
5 Dead Man Walking (Ft. Cyrano ESQ, Maybach Dice & Paul Zero)
6 Resolution
7 Game Time (Ft. Dame D.O.L.L.A. & Flesh-N-Bone)
8 Got What You Want (Ft. Ebony Burks, Ken Dawg & Stew Deez)
9 The Plug (Ft. Maybach Dice)
10 It's Alright (Ft. Cyrano ESQ)
11 Amazing (Ft. Jeremy Howse, Steven Howse Jr., Stevon Howse & Trinity Howse)
12 Holla When You See Me (Ft. Gram Owayz & Pozition)
13 Heat Check (Ft. Jeremy Howse & Stew Deez)
14 Insomnia (Ft. HC The Chemist)
15 Stay Real (Ft. HC The Chemist)
16 Stir It Up (Ft. HC The Chemist & Maybach Dice)
17 I Like to Smoke (Ft. Ken Dawg & Stew Deez)
18 Been Thru It All (Ft. Maybach Dice, Pozition & Stew Deez)
19 Gone in a Week (Ft. Ken Dawg)

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