Tracklist "JT XVIII":

1 Put Me Back Together (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
2 Take the Dive
3 Blade with No Name (Remix)
4 Run With the Wolves (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
5 The Ooda-Booga Boogie (Remix) (Ft. BSlick)
6 Getcha Hands Dirty (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden & Daddyphatsnaps)
7 Dreaming of Me (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
8 Don’t Put Me in a Corner (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
9 What You're Scared Of
10 Memories (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
11 From Ear to Ear
12 No Stopping The Gears (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
13 Fight Like Hell (Remastered)
14 The Price of War
15 You Can Hang
16 Underdog in Overalls
17 Feel Like Fertilizin' (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
18 Chirality (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
19 Best for Last
20 No Keepin' Secrets
21 To the Bone (Remix)
22 Torbjorn Vs Engineer Rap Battle
23 Make You Love Me (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
24 2019
25 Night on Fire (Ft. Andrea Storm Kaden)
26 I'm a Yahoo
27 Born Of The Lion (Ft. Rachel Hardy)
28 One Hell of a Dad

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