Tracklist "All These Perfect Crosses":

1 All These Perfect Crosses
2 It's Never Been a Fair Fight
3 Ram In The Thicket
4 Wild Animals
5 Calvary Court (Full Band)
6 God In Chicago (Horn Version)
7 Eventually I Made It To Sioux City
8 They Know Where I Live
9 Sometimes She Doesn't Call Back
10 Screenwriters School
11 Three Drinks
12 Extras
13 Calvary Court (Piano Version)
14 Rescue Blues (Demo)
15 Tangletown (Acoustic)
16 Plattsburgh (Acoustic)
17 It's Never Been A Fair Fight (Acoustic)
18 Magic Marker (Acoustic)
19 Blankets (Acoustic)
20 Grant At Galena (Acoustic)

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