Letra : AMBUSH! (Interlude)

Aye, yuh

Clean, whisker, it's my time, so cry high
But high five, the five guys, they sky high
Quality of dye die, of beatings, sigh
Blue's clues, but who knew, the bluetooth
Just used you, to boot you, they suit you
I glued to, and moved to the school shoot
But two-two, go choo-choo
Trains, my bleak veins, they leak brains
The sweet stains, in three tames, (Uh)

So before I get ambushed
Slammed and pushed
Whammed and crushed
Crammed and mushed
Just think

I'm still a force, billboard, the gill horde
They still w****s, but everytime
Fill cords with Phil's wars
Poppin' off on the billoard, (Uh)
Kill w****s, and pop fours
Stop forces, stop swords
Rob stores, and stop w****s
From pop on, to pop-four, (Uh)
Glock-4, like Blocboy JB
And stop forcefully

Stop the hording
Stop the hording
Stop the hording
Like Blocboy JB