Lyrics : Escape Room

Wow, what a win!
Singing like Anita Baker, turn into a feast
Ay, yuh
Ay, yuh
Ay, ay, ay yuh

These n***as singing like Anita Baker
Turn into a feast
You ain't no hell raiser, heat waver
Boy, your ass a peace maker
Catch you, wreck you
Lay right there where I left you
It's a gun right here to collect you
Ain't no one come to protect you
Whoever choose to come to the rescue
You get pleasure of dying right next to
First one fall victim in the XD
Then the seconds get ate like the rest do
Don't get in my way, I need legroom
You gon' see blood in this b*t*h like a red moon
Tell your homie it ain't nothin' personal (n***a)
If you ride the wave you get wet too
Why the f**k would I choose to respect you
Boy, your ass marked out like a schedule
I ain't where you from n***a, f**k you
Hold one, hit a lung, f**k your neck too
I don't really give a f**k what this rap do
I'm really just tryna see what that cash do
n***as think I ain't outside like I'm sunblind
I only got in this sh*t cause I had to
AK sellin' lead like a tattoo
Rip through yo' shirt, make yo' sh*t look like Ragu
Hit up your face, bust your head like a statue
If I was built like a b*t*h I'd be mad too
If you like me, you was probably on that too
It ain't that hard to get on it, I'm that proof
I was a youngin and we barely had food
Whole-time my momma and em tryna stack blue
n***a, I know what I've been through
I put myself through some sh*t I ain't have to
Look at my life and I see what I'm into
Tryna get right because I ain't gon' have two