Lyrics : Paranormal Snaptivity

Pomegranate, pistachios, I ate her like some raisins (WhoTheHellIsCarlo)
on no Casio, she watch me like a program
Pomegranate, and these n***as sleeping, they got [?]
[?], out the door, I gotta go
Sit 'em down, pick me up, he got anything he want

Yeah, this year, n***as better lay low (Lay low)
baby girl, I let my brains go (Baow)
Bustin' bops, tell that b*t*h "let that brain go" (Boppy)
LL Bool J, give me Kangol, top n'em
I can take [?] or d**k suck when you coppin' (Ayy)
b*t*h gettin' out of order like I don't got options (Ayy)
Play with the police, deliver the order [?]
I got all thеse textures, I gеt neck just like a ostrich
b*t*h wanna f**k so much, need water, [?] my plug right here daughter
I pick two grams out ya order [?]
Quadie Diesel [?] came imported, n***a, I'm important
I got these babies, nobody know they here, n***a, I got orphans

I might stalk a opp on some stalker sh*t with that [?]
Jeffery Dahmer, I might chop your head and put it in a cooler
Back the f**k up, I'm fresher than a f**k, b*t*h, don't touch me
CBT can't be trusted, not familiar, get accustomed
Trap look like West Coast Customs, [?]
b*t*h can't stop [?], look like Bernard Hopkins (Boom)
Ain't no boxing, AR-15 hit his body, leave his ass TikToking
Left the trap [?], Donkey Kong, beat the block
2Pac without the [?], Glock flip a Ford Escape
Darkskin Tay-K (Phew-phew), do the race
lose my taste, get the f**k out the way
I'm booted up 'cause that what I do, African-American Tom Cruise
Look like grandma with the broom, I'm Dwayne Johnson when he played on [?]
Married the trap, dropped the broom, DMX part two
'Til that n***a died I was lootin', not in the loop, don't go to assumin'
Strippers talk to me like I'm regular, I'm not [?], I'm not no competitor
She talk back, I [?] federal, I'm f**kin' her, pick it apart like a editor
All you n***as copy me, I'm a great dad, I wrap work [?] like an Arab
Erykah Badu with a basehead, twenty five hundred, I will never pay that
I'm smokin' 'Za, gettin' zooted [?], I get the pesos in like ASAP
I'm rockin' Rick Owens like A$AP, you rockin' [?], we don't play that
Yeah, DNA top-notch, she taste that
F&N gon' spin on my waist [?], I got a check like I'm workin' for ASCAP
b*t*h keep chattin', open up a [?], heroine dealer issue, where the base at?
If you ain't had it, n***a, just say that, guap, the mula, the fetti, we chase that
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sss, Philly