Lyrics : On De Mf Head

He's so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper
So I let her lick the rapper

Hit that b*t*h straight on the motherf**king head
Beat that pu**y up til' that motherf**ker dead
n***a want some (?) til' that motherf**ker bad(?)
Hit that b*t*h from the back, make her do the stanky leg
Wake up in the mornin' tell that b*t*h "Make that bed"
I be downstairs whippin' took it (?) ass(?)
I be overseas came a long way from past(?)
One thing about me, she gon' do what I said
(?) n***as used to call me skin and bone
Now I'm eating swordfish off a DM in her phone(?)
One time ballin' 'cause I'm gone gettin' ghost
n***a didn't know my name til' I pulled out with his hoe
I be in her passenger's like "How he gettin' home?"
Movin' like a doctor, always smokin' strong
Her n***a wanna cut, 'cause I clipped her on the phone(?)
Told that n***a "Pull up", but he'd rather stay at home
Thirst for a Gremlin(?), blue bands
(?) when I do that sh*t again
Livin' life like I've got two friends
First name internet, first name Benjamin