Lyrics : Mythical

"Real rap", that's how these n***as be
"Real rap sh*t", ha, "real rap records"

In the mountains like it's Moosejaw
Pocket full of croutons
W-9 two time
One pain, one rhyme
It was just all [?]
Your music? That's trash, sound like old brake pads
I'm getting money, not mad
You don't work, you don't eat
They tryna f**k with my chi
Styling since BC, these lil n***as waiting for me
I rocked with you when no one did
I freaked your style when no one did
Now you out here [?] seeing through your jealous grin
You walking with no head high, you see where you're going
I ain't gotta throw a dollar, b*t*hes know that its
Rob a [?], imma get it wide open
It was a function last night, I feel weak for not going
Cause I got a vendetta for this stunting
They gon see me before I even come in

Why these n***as playing if it ain't for keeps?
If I hit that b*t*h, I watch her pop that V.C
She f**k you, she ain't f**k me
Ain't got time for these, I wanna get paid in leave