Lyrics : Extravaganza Live

Plug on Saint Mary's, I'm tryna f**k on his daughter
Stepdad a [?], he here to lick for a quarter
Told him he got locked up, mom had to extort him for the bond
But he really at home playing NBA Live
My childhood detached cause I grew up starving
Cook some corn beef hash out the can, add water
I have a memory relapse, I'm breaking bad like Walter
She used to Billie Jean [?], now her body looking awful
Rap like [?] you better read me stats
You got the hats on the cracks you better see me stack
I am king to the jacks these [?]
These n***as can't leave his trap, they just got a mean stance
Got em all singing like a stanza
Don't you know no one [?]
You smoke like a Al Capone, walk in the function my ex drive a [?]

You know I [?], you know I [?]
I lost my head, have you seen my cap sir?
n***as copying my style, yeah we know that sir
Rapping bout my life, don't need your feedback sir