Lyrics : Moana


I don't wanna hear about no drama (Nada)
The check ain't right if it ain't no commas (Ooh)
Know she been saying that she's faithful to you (Faithful)
But she been lying like Osama (Like Osama)
I miss Obama (I do)
I went to Drama's, he got his own sauna
Better come get her, 'cause your ho on us
Got a b*t*h from Samoa, look like Moana (Ooh)
Smoking on marijuana (Uh)
Go ahead and roll one up (Uh)
I got a whole squad, got a whole lineup (Yee)
Oh, you tryna put a show on, huh? (Ayy, uh)

Here I go, na, na
I know a Keisha and I know Lana
They try to get me back, but I'm like, "No, nah, nah"
I'm sorry, I don't want no drama, nah
That's a hard no, pass
My house real big and my car go fast
In the club smokin' Jack Harlow's gas
But I'm about to do the drugs that Carlos has
Old Miami Vice, 'bout to AT4 it
But I don't show up if they don't pay me for it
New York, party on the eighteenth floor
But her ass so fat that I can't ignore it
Woo, I go crazy for it
But to ride the rides, you gotta be eighteen for it
No games, just some foreplay before it
And the sex so good, she wanna pay me for it, no