Lyrics : 2nd Day Out

Starting off my day with a blunt stuffed
pus*y kept on talking he got f*cked up
Big black Glock and a cup of purp
You already know I'm finna sip some sizzurp
I'm back off in the kitchen working with the pies
Say you need a half of brick, give me twelve-five
Fifty pounds of gross, several pounds of midget
Tadoe just brought a pretty f*cking fifty
My gun need a mag, he happy then he mad
Someone leavin' real soon, so he send his ass
Hop out of that van with like two lil mags
And if a n*gga try me Imma do his ass
I'm counting up the paper in my office room
And I'm witch, b*tch, please don't make me spark the broom
Guns in every little cut, like a f*cking savage
Hear the SWAT team, come you gotta f*cking have it
Man I'm tired of buying jocks, I need a rocket launcher
You ain't tryna incriminate then b*tch stop the camera
I used to drive the foreign through my backyard
Hit the dough and Imma blow you like a Saks card
Sosa back b*tch, yeah I'm back b*tch
That lil stupid ass, dirty ass, black b*tch
This that new sh*t, that f*ck the jail sh*t
f*ck n*gga, no, that it ain't in my heritage
You on my sh*t list, you like a biscuit
Granny say if it ain't broke don't try to fix it
I got a sick wrist, it cost like six-six
Zero zero zero n*gga, come and get this
I got a stupid swag, please don't touch my Louis bag
Pole on me n*gga, you gon' make me do you bad
b*tch my Louis bag, that b*tch Scooby snacks
I need an elephant, giraffe and a Cougar cat

b*tch I end my day ten...
b*tch I end my day ten in the morning
You can sneak diss this b*tch still is going
We gon' hit his block, pull up, hit the horn
I ain't talking the whip b*tch, this b*tch is blowing
Stick a silly n*gga now he's silicon
Granny what you doing? She say I'm whipping corn
I just bough a chopper b*tch, it'll shake the storm
Pull up auditorium and shake the dorm
Saying you can't stand me, pus*y take a seat
Call 'em McDonalds 'cuz he faking beef
Hit the back block and then take the street
p*ss on his grave, I got to take a leak
Standing on the curb and I'm flaming dope
Seventeen years old I was strangling hoes
Had to grow up and make a bankroll
.40 get to singing, she'll take your soul
My auntie need some strips, sister need a crib
Told her tie your shoes lil' baby and don't even trip
I hopped up in that truck with the double cup
And it can't spill, I make that b*tch buckle up
I'm counting up bodies as they f*cking drop
n*gga think he had them streets, we had to break his lock
He got a high fade, we had to shave his top
Car so loud vroom vroom, might wake the block
Four Porches, nine elevens, and like eight b*tches
It's a horse on the seat, they tryna take pictures
And that pus*y n*gga scared, you know I hate chickens
He done caught a domestic ,it's the state business
Make them see the light and it's bright white
Young boy brown as sh*t, but my ice white
They spying on the spot with them f*cking drones
Tell them helicopters get the f*cking on
Baby I'm lowkey if I'm f*cking you
I can f*cking don't say sh*t this what I do
Smoke them like a kite like my cousin Ku
Bullets popping out like a f*cking Boo

Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew
Second Day out! Ayy!
Second Day out! Ayy Ayy!
Second Day out!
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew
Phew, Phew, Phew