Lyrics : Beef (unreleased)

Bruh come on
n*gga texting me talking bout some link-up
Boy I'll kill you
(Woah Kenny)
f*ck outta here (b*tch)

I been doing molly for a week straight (yup)
I got Percocet sprinkled on my cheese plate (let's go)
Greedy n*gga leave your cookout I got three plates (I'm hungry)
Fat b*tches looking at me like a piece of cake (delicious)
I'm on my way to kill you cuz you talking sh*t (b*tch)
Bullets got that n*gga dancing like a stripper b*tch
You just mad cuz I took your b*tch to six flags (It's fun)
On a rollercoaster screaming yeah we had a blast
n*ggas always wanna kick it n*gga I ain't wit it
I'd rather buy a moon bounce and put some b*tches in it
All this money got me looking like a bad b*tch
I might buy myself the titties just to have them sh*ts (I'm sexy)
I don't f*ck with white girls they get you locked up (f*ck off)
But I got that white girl, I swear it's not cut
Just bought a stick and it's long as f*ck
Look like Kenny beats with that Kid 'n' Play box cut (that's big)
All my n*ggas smart, but they acting stupid (educated)
This stick look like Kel, and I'm Kenan to it
Shoot your ass on beat, I don't need the music
n*gga wanted me the beef so I had to do it
2-2-3's I'll leave a n*gga full of those (lil b*tch)
Walk up on you put a aux cord in the bullet hole (that's right)
n*gga won't beef, Imma let him have it
I be using all the seasoning in your baby momma cabinet
Yeah I eat pus*y, (pus*y)
From the back (delicious)
Yeah, nasty n*gga, eat the whole booty crack (I eat ass)
I was bout to f*ck his b*tch, just like that
On the way got lost on Google maps (now I use Waze)
I won't stop like white people doing blackface (crackers)
Your b*tch pus*y stank, I did the Bernie Mack face
Shout out to The Bay, shout out to Detroit
Bullets had em spinning on his head like a b-boy (breakdance)
Dragon Ball Z, Naruto
I be in the Chucky Cheese with all these hoes (pizza)
You ain't trynna f*ck then what you call me for
Good pus*y sounds like hippos dancing in some sloppy joes