Lyrics : VOiCE$

I had to wait a long time for the morning
Spent so many nights up ‘til the morning
Long nights, no sleep, up ‘til the morning
They will never know how I feel

Losing my mind (Losing my mind)
Losing my mind (Losing my mind)
Losing my mind (What is the time?)
What is the time? (Losing my mind)
I'm losing my mind (One of a kind)
(I’m losing my mind)
One of a kind
I'm losing my mind (O$$O too kind)
O$$O too kind, I'm losing my mind
I’m losing my mind (Mind)
Losing my mind, losing my mind
O$$O too kind (O$$O too kind)
I'm one of a kind (One of a kind)
I spent too much time
(I spent too much time)
(I spent too much time)
Being too kind
(Being too kind)
Being too nice
(Being too nice)
To these haters, they lie
The haters, they lie
(These haters, they liе)
These haters, thеy lie
(These haters, they lie)
They not ‘bout your side
They not by your side
They gonna fall out
(They gonna fall out)
Tell ‘em fall in line
Tell ‘em fall in line
Demons in my brain
Depression all night, wasting my time
I don't have time, I don't have time
(I don't have time)
Losing my mind (No more)
(No more)