Lyrics : 08.12.19

[Intro:Random Skit}

Trouble in paradise you're too close to Escobar
Kilos in the back but the front is where the profits are
Got the ops saying there it is like they Shalamar
Quick look then we dip break a record set the bar

Its been me then the gang and my mi amor
She like something you cannot afford
Really something that cannot be bought
Like a gem that you can't find in any store

But back to it
Most of these n*ggas talk smack then act stupid
"Like Ape its just rap" sh*t it really got you mad
Brain storming got my brain froze
Let it weather down
Leave you in shock this 44 a hammer now

Sitting with Vito 3 blunts that we was ashing
We talking about school and how he does it with a passion
He really thinking far man he's looking for a profession
And how sleepless nights could really put him in a mansion

It was magic
Never going back its a trap
How you trying to run a lap
But you steady looking back

In the eyes of the people ape you not the same
You used to be a kid man you thought I wouldn't change
Been trying to stay clean but these nats just want to stain
Ape get the game rearrange it again

Now I'm never too busy to kneel and pray
Opportunities for me and G.o.d to conversate
Even though I can't see him I grow stronger faith
Most of ya'll too fake they selling face

Yeah bruh


Deep in my pockets
See what you see
Dive deep like a Loch Ness
Ayy ayy dive deep like a Loch Ness
Ayy dive deep
You dive deep
Ayy ayy ayy