Lyrics : You

I really don't know what to say, at the start of this video
But all I?can?say is that,?I am a pedo your point?is?
For the past four years
I have been the target of slander, defamation, cyber-stalking and hara**ing
All of this started, when I exposed-

Nomap baby, yeah aight
2 A.M, tryna pull up on a late night
Last time that we talked, it went left
Had to pull up just to make right
Child van goin' zoom-zoom
I'm runnin' through all the headlights
Tryna' get to you
When we f**k its a mood
I'm gettin' high, tryna keep my cool
I just want you

A pedophile, who is grooming kids
And blackmailing them for their n***s
This happened four years ago, and since then
These people have been messaging me and hara**ing me and lying about me
At first, it started off with them making jokes about me