Lyrics : PRE-K

She?ll mean nothing to me
She?ll mean nothing to me, yeah
She?ll mean nothing to me
She?ll mean?nothing?to me

I like?them at 13
And I?ll leave her?at 18
When she legal, she mean nothing
She?ll mean nothing to me
She?ll mean nothing to me
She?ll mean nothing to me, yeah
She?ll mean nothing to me
I just want a little girl to hug me
I?ll take her to the park
And then she gonna ride me
She only see my face
She don?t ask where's daddy
I'm her daddy uh I'm her daddy uh
My loli complex
And underaged sex
I don't ask for consent
That b*t*h dive into head
She don't need a condom if
She ain't got her period
I c*m in her pu**y, and she should talk less, yeah

Ugh blackface
Pu**y ratchet
Pu**y poopy
Smelling funky
I spilled lean on my shirt
My b*t*h pregnant, yeah I skrrt
Comin' at you, you get murked
Kidnapping children from the dirt
Got my 223's
I'm on the drugs, i cannot see
She is underage, but uh b*t*h on fleet
F**kin' in her in the back
Yeah I'm licking her feet (in between them toes)
Slump in that pu**y, I got her all wet
C*m in her throat, b*t*h I broke her neck
She wanna go, make her stay for more sex
Stop runnin', b*t*h get decked
Look at the pu**y, it is wrecked
Pa** me your a**, uh it up next
You a pretty, make me erect
She in that cage, b*t*h child neglect

My c*m in her mouth, she drooling
F**k b*t*h look at my uh, jewelry
I untie you for now, no foolery
I teach her with my d**k yuh, schoolery
I take her out, yeah bowling
Eating that pu**y, refueling
I sh*t in her mouth, she screaming uh
She don't know what i be doin'

MAP gang
Yung Nomap on the beat

Hell yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yung Nomap baby
Countin' up these racks
No I do not f**k with traps (traps)
Wanna f**k her a**
In my granddads Cadillac (Cadillac, yeah)
Wanna stick my d**k
In her muhf**kin' a** (mmm)
Hear her f**kin' scream
Then she asking for some snacks (want some snacks?)
Wait that b*t*h is nine
No, I'm gonna do some time (yeah)
F**kin' make her cry
Was it really worth the time? (worth the time)
I don't wanna die
But I wanna f**kin' die (wanna die)
F**kin' say goodbye
Or I'll pull out the 9 (yeah)
Extendo on the Glock
Can your b*t*h suck on my c*ck? (what?)
If shes f**kin' 9
Then that is so f**king fine (sure)
Mmm that b*t*h is tight
Does that make it f**king right? (yes)
Boutta' say goodnight
But that b*t*h is f**kin' tight (yeah)
Wanna f**k her a**
That b*t*h makes me f**kin' last (f**kin' last)
She boutta' go to cla**
With my d**k all in her a** (in her a**)
Shes boutta' f**kin cream
JK that's a f**kin' meme (f**kin' meme)
I wanna make her scream
But that b*t*h a f**kin' fiend (f**kin' fiend)
Yeah, yeah