Lyrics : No Case

It's me, Yung Nomap
Comin' for your kids
Just kidding, I'm not tryna catch a case
B*t*hes want my d**k, and I'm just tryna' rake
F**kin' on your b*t*h, that was a mistake
I am coming for you daughter
Your b*t*h, is my daughter
I just wifed your b*t*h, wait that makes her my kid (Uh-Oh!)
Wait, I'm gonna go to jail!
But I want your kids (yuh)
And I want to live on your b*t*hes a**. (skrattt)
But I gotta go to f**kin' cla** (cla**, yuh)
And i just wanted to f**k your daughter
That b*t*h is a lamb to the slaughter, yuh

And I just want your kids
And I want your kids
And I want your kids
I just wanna go to your bathroom and take your toilet water
Cuz I like it, yeah I like it
And I just want your toilet water
You a dyke-y, and I like-y
And I wanna f**k your daaaaaughterrrrrr
I just want your daaaaaughterrrrrr
There's nothin' wrong with that
I want your daughter
She is mine (she is mine)
She is mine
And she's f**kin' mine (yuh, ooh)
And she's f**kin' mine
And I want your spine
And I wanna ride
And I don't wonder why
Yung Nomap
Yung, Yung Nomap