b*t*hes on my d**k (On my d**k, yeah)
Shootin' out the blique (Pew pew, oh yeah)
f**kin' on yo' chick (Mmm, yeah)
That b*t*h my b*t*h now-

B-b*t*hes on my d**k (I am a pedo)
Shootin' out the blique (your point is?)
f**kin' on yo' chick (Mmm, yeah)
That b*t*h my b*t*h now (Yeah she is)
f**kin' on yo' kid (Yeah)
Your daughter's mine now (Yeah, she is)
That don't matter (It don't)
Cuz you're f**kin' blind now (Oh sh*t)
My wrist so icy (Yes it is)
Damn that b*t*h be sparkling (Yes it is now)
And your b*t*h my b*t*h now (Yes she is now)
So I got my car keys (Vroom vroom)
Drivin' to the bus stop (Skrrt skrrt)
Pick up the kids (Yah mean)
From the f**kin' bus stop (God damn)
Take them back home now (Hope no one saw me)
Cuz them kids are mine (Cuz them kids are mine)
And I filled their spine (And I filled their spine)
Up with my c*m (Mmm)
Put it in her bum (In her bum)
Put in his bum
Make that b*t*h go numb (Oh sh*t)
And I'm doing it now (Yeah, I am)
There's nothing you can do now (There's nothing)

Cuz I got them kids (Cuz I got them kids)
Cuz I got them kids, ooh-ooh
Cuz I got them kids (Cuz I got them kids)
Cuz I got them kids, ooh-ooh-ooh (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
Cuz I got them kids (Cuz I got them kids)
Cuz I got them kids (Yeah, f**ked your b*t*hes ass now)
Cuz I got them kids now

And you're f**kin' mad now (And you're f**kin' mad)
Boutta go to pound town (Why you mad?)
f**kin' on yo' b*t*h now (f**kin' on your b*t*h)
Oh wait that's your daughter
Don't mind that anyways (Oh my god!)
Cuz that b*t*h gonna get laid (Gonna get laid)
Out like a f**kin pencil, (What?) oh wait I mean paper
f**k her later, in her later (Cool)
I'm gonna f**k your b*t*h in the paper (Oh sh*t)
Your daughter's gonna be in the paper (Oh my god!)
Gotta f**k her ass, see ya later

See ya, aye yeah
Oh, oh
Yung Nomap, yeah
Yeah, yeah