Lyrics : Call Me Back

Nyan Pasuu~
They? say this is fire
Runnin'? from a spider
Shootin' at an opp
Like a muhf**kin tiger
Fly??down?on a glider
Makin'??hits like Syler
Spread that pu**y wider
Her??dad tryna' hide her
(I am a pedo your point is)

They say this is fire
Runnin' from a spider
Shootin'? at an opp
Like a muhf**kin' tiger
Fly down on a glider
Makin hits like Syler
Spread that pu**y wider
Her dad tryna' hide her
Eatin' meat like schneider's
Sippin' on that cider
F**ked that b*t*h, denied her
Call my phone provider
Complain? be deep inside her
And I'm always right beside her
I will always provide her
And I'll make sure I untie her
Call her HCP
Tell them that she's getting lighter
Book her an appointment
That b*t*h getting wider
Why you always whinin'?
Look at you? you're shining
Let's go eat? go dining
F**k that, let's go mining