Lyrics : A Very Nomap Christmas

I am a pedo-

S-shout out to my main b*t*h (your point is?)
Gimme f**kin' brain b*t*h
I-I?don?t?gotta splain' sh*t
Throw?my money, make it rain b*t*h
B*t*h?you know I got my f**kin' team
D-double cup, got the f**kin? lean
I-I tote semi's with a f**kin' beam
And I got b*t*hes on my f**kin' D
T-throw her in my wagon
D-damn that a** be saggin'
Her panties be drippin'
Thank god that b*t*h be crippin'
Got my f**kin' b*t*h next to me
Ill be up next you?ll f**kin? see
D-don't be upset, suck my D
What will come next? You?ll f**kin' see
W-who gon' f**k next? You'll f**kin? see
G-get her undressed, baby please
P-pull her panties down, o-m-g
This f**kin' b*t*h has a f**kin' D
K-knock her out, I ain't f**kin' G
Hide the body, she can't f**k wit me
I-I don't f**k with girls who have a D
Please forgive me I ain't f**kin' G