Lyrics : The remix to cognition (& communication)

Through our doja cat rendition, we’re Learning ‘bout cognition, that’s your thinking and conceptions, higher mental rolessss
Sensation and perception, collect then process information
From sensory stimulation, you react accordingly
Humans have five senses, hearing taste touch sight olfaction, there is no sixth to mention, so now to move on
Sending and receiving, messages to each other
That’s called communication, you gotta say so

Its been a long times since we firstttt metttt
Hi-five, mutual t, saving face, politeness
You’re telling me about your dayyy (and I’ll listen)
And yeah i got all that effective listening
Eye contact and attention when you’re speaking
Don’t speak too fast, or way too softly
Then I won’t mis-in-ter-pret you
Active listening, no communication...
...breakdownnsss, listen before replying

Next chorus:
Verbal and non-verbal, they both convey a message
To understand each other, we gotta say so
Body language matters and so does your expression
It’s all communication, don't gotta say so
Stand away from strangers and closer to your family
It might get very awkward if you invade my space
Look me in the eye and give me all your attention
Respect my point of view ‘cause I respect yours

Let me check that’s visual perception
Form, motion, depth or distance plus the constancies
McGurk’s Sound and vision cues are just too much for me
He got the buh and then the guh which one is it
Illusions they be trippy as
Distortions of perception, madd
Interpreting sensations wrong
A certain readiness to respooonddd
Experience makes expectancies
Top down or bottom processinggg
You’ll see just want you wanna see
Yeah yeH
Muller lyer yeah which line is longer
Trick question boxed rooms yeah they have you trippy
Ponzo it makes even less than no sense
Gotta do with assumptions and convergence

Your EQ shows when you’re communicatin’
Make sure that it is high when you say so
Perceiving and Reasoning, understanding and managing
Your ability to model, your EQ level
There’s 5 constructs of EQ seLf awareness and social skills
Self regulation, motivation and lastly empathy
This has been cognition and communication
We hope we kept you focused, so you can say so