Lyrics : Old Lady*

Lyrics from Snippet

It's a foreign when I slide
It's a Fendi, bought my bitch the slides
Cinderella, she don't fit the size (Woo woo woo)
I'm a pastor, she gon' fuck the god (The god)
Hublot face baguette ('Guette)
Got sauce, spaghetti ('Ghetti)
I'ma bust on her face, she gon' let me (She gon' let me)
Walk around, whole lotta fetti (What?)

Every day, my diamonds dancin', it's a mosh-pit
Different color, living color, how much sparkle can I get?
Flyer than Harry Potter on the cover of your book
Solitary, yellow canary, Yaya Diamonds in my vocals
Clear white crystals be the reason that your old lady is winnin'
Flawless diamonds is the motion is the newest silent killer (Woah)
I came from out the trash can surrounded by nothing but killers (Wo-woah)
My Benz tall as an Avalanche and it cost eight figures (Woah-woah-woah)
Blue Lamborghini every day, bitch, take a ride
Tempur-Pedic seat gon' hug you when