Lyrics : Majelique

Yeah, yeah
All my n***as here
For real
All my n***as here
Forever ever, forever
All my n***as here
Yeah (Jeffery)

I got top off in a Benz with a bad b*t*h
Dominican, pink piercing, pink titties
She triller than n***as and these hoes too
Buy her Tiffany, turn her up, you 'posed to
Heard you sippin' brown in that Ac', sheesh
Whole crew full of captains, baby, suck these
Yeah, I think all of 'em scandalous
Ever since I saw R. Kelly make her drink the p*ss
'Bout that cash, it get hot, kerosene
Stop the starin', watch that money lean
Smokin' Backwoods, that's a f**kin' leaf
Serve a lot of white like a bunch of Tees
Room full of hoes like a bunch of squids
Heard them hoes yellow like a bunch of fees
Never had to take, I never wore a ski
I'm talkin' all blue hunnids and I ain't have to scheme
All my jewelry wet, your sh*t a bunch of cheese
Kickin' sh*t, surrounded by a bunch of flees
I'm used to these hoes, I got a bunch of these
Neck flooded lookin' like a bunch of Mr. T's
Run them numbers up like a crew full of geeks, huh
Wet racks, iron on it, huh
Mink coat gators got the swine, don't it? Huh
b*t*hes wanna f**k, I'm in my prime, homie, huh