Lyrics : Daughter of the Sea

Seems I'm exposed
Split in two, a fault line cuts right through me
Between my heart and my feet
There's an apathy that I can't find my way around

But I can feel I'm getting nearer
I know that soon I'll be delivered

I'm overboard, and I can't swim
God only knows why I let you in
You and me and the siren songs you sing

I'm coming home

Man I'm in deep
I'm drifting lost within myself
'Cause I'm in league
I'm in a tryst with the daughter of the sea
(And she will have her way with me)

You've taken hold, taken hold over me
The anchor in my chest begs me to stop
And rest my limbs and go to sleep
And as the waves crash down
My ears ring with the sound
The promise of the deep

So say what you mean
Or don't say anything
'Cause all I really want
Is a place to close my eyes

So let the waves wash over me, over me