Lyrics : Instafake

If I die today, I want my mom and dad to know
I did my best

First off huge round of applause
For the acting I can see thru it all
Social media really getting frustrating
That’s why you haven’t seen me on Instagram lately
I’m cool with the frontin’
That sh*t really lame
Acting like you thugging
But you don’t even bang
Acting like you got money
But you really broke
A fat chain
Boy you know it ain’t real gold (plastic)
You can really make believe
That you anybody
Seen that picture that you took
In front of that Bugatti
Claiming that it’s yours
Boy you know it’s not
Last week seen your ass at the bus stop
This sh*t even effected the gang life
Putting our biz out there and it ain’t right
Matter of fact lil dude should get checked hard
For running his mouth
Like a lil ass hoe
Whatever happened with the G’s moving in silence
I’m just speaking facts homies
And a lil knowledge
Giving punk police free information
The older G’s gotta teach this new generation
I heard you took a picture
All in my set
A selfie that’s in a park with a gun in hand
Oh you think you hard?
Oh you think you tough?
To me it made me laugh
Really funny as f*ck
Pulled up with your girl
And you looked around
Made sure it was safe then you came out
Ran over there just to take a flick
Then you ran back
To the car like a lil b*tch
Drove away
Then you went to put it up
And that sh*t really made you feel active huh?
I’m a tell you like this
You’s a weenie
You still ain’t got one dead homie period
We got bodies on your hood
That’s a fact
Now won’t you sit back and think about that
Kinda sad when you really do think about it
Stop net banging
Really be about it
Even taggers up
On the lil trend
On the web like they some big gangstas
Pictures of gang signs and pistols
Then they wonder why
They getting banged on and pressed on
Don’t you break it down now n deny it
I got the picture right here
If you try lying
Enemies ran up
Asked you where you from
You just put your hands up
And didn’t say nothin’
Thought you had a gun
Put you don’t bust
Thought you was a thug
Acting all turnt up
You lil marks need to stop playing in the middle
Y’all remind me of that cartoon
Chicken Little
These women only taking pictures of they face
But when you see em in person
It’s a different thang
Don’t be ashamed babygirl how you really look
What’s really under that filter n that makeup
I’m just saying influence on the internet
Made things watered down
Changed a lot of sh*t
I’m really bout to throw this cellphone in the gutta
Cause I’m getting tired of these fake muthaf*ckas
In my neighborhood boy
Yeah they tolerate it
Net banging on the web
You’ll get regulated
That’s the problem now a days with society
Y’all need to tap back in with reality