Lyrics : A338

Thats that real real

Yeah, yeah
If I get stopped in this ride, I'll be eating prison food
Bada vibes, bada genders who you listen to?
Allah forgive me (Lets go, Ski ski)
Before you judge me for what I done, tell me what you'd do?
I started taking drugs cause Weezy made that sh*t look cool
I started sellin drugs in uniform, I was still in school
When sh*t hit the fan, they folded bro they didn't form
I had my shank and my draws, while you was in form
We bout to hit them other shotters from the break of dawn
Watching my mother battle with addiction made me torn
A absent father, broken family just a norm
The jakes they askin questions, I could never recollect
I broke your heart but im just broken too what'd you expect?
I f*cked up all my blessings, never learnt from all my lessons
A bad attitude, hella hitters, we're all aggressive
You can see it behind my smile or read it in my eyes
You ever sent buj up to cunch, you prayin nitties die?
n*ggas die bout the sh*t that we rap about (Tsks, ay, breath, back in)
Bro I swear the sh*t that made me would break you
I beat the case, I was lookin 10, I swear im grateful (Alhamdulillah)
I told Allah that I'd just do music and skate through (Wallahi)
But just spent some racks on new waps, go turn them grape juice
And when them other n*ggas see me on the strip
They be talking like they robbers, but they know them n*ggas couldn't
And first n*gga try and see me bout that sh*t, ima show him why they didn't and ima show him why he couldn't
You gonna see my n*ggas leanin out the whip, with a beam up on that sh*t
Tryna turn banana puddin
Show them n*ggs how my demons really live
Cuh when we deal with all that sh*t, they gone label us as bullies
Bando Baby 29, the streets fully know
Winter time, I'm up in O, woolly hat and coat
And do we let other shotters shot? Fully no
You seem them when you're bussin shots, you better fully go
My youngen caught an M in town I gotta get him down
I gotta get him safe and get him out, the bestest route
Not to mention at the time I'm extra stressin out
My BM pregnant, right next to me, should be restin out
I'm codependant on the codeine, I can't put it down
I'm lightin up like a chimney, I cannot put it out
And ima stay a f*ckin G until they put me down
6 feet, they'll get it then, but they can never get it now, I'm out

Yeah, Bando Baby 29
Just let the music do the talkin
Cuh we ain't really on the talking, yeah
Free my n*ggas, I love my n*ggas
My beloved brothers
My beautiful sisters
DBE yeah, Ski ski
Up in O, went to war, the best of them, the veterans