Lyrics : Like that

I trusted you with my life
With my life
I don’t need your love
I just wanted to f**k
I don’t ask for much
I don’t ask for much
I don’t even f**k witchoo like that
I don’t even f**k witchoo like that
I don’t even f**k witchoo like that
That is not your homie that’s a drill mane
Poppin some one mommy in the hills mane
Never say you love that sh*t kills me
Choppas what you doing with that little thang
Ha ha ha got me laughing mane
GRATATA for that casket mane
These n***as got me f**ked up
Counting money getting sucked up
Tryed to make it obvious
I hope that you see me when I’m flexing
Shoe box money turns to diamond necklace
Anything I did I don’t regret it
I take up all that sh*t with the lord
I get bored
Money talks
Talk some more
I got sh*t on my mind
f**k that b*t*h she ain’t mine
n***a wish I would die
Only FAMN and I’ll be fine
Why keep callin my line
Lotta of them and one of I
Note to sender no reply
We ain’t hearing that
Don’t advertise
Dressed like a scammer
Slow operas and phantoms
You pu**y wet tampons you can’t deny
Ten on yo head
Already know you fed up
They want me wet up in the after life
f**k is you doing these labels don’t pay me enough to stop doing it
Raise the price
Prostitute Nah b*t*h
Do you see a haulter top on me
I promise I’m goat for life
I don’t see nobody on my radar
Chopper like Shwartzengar
Oh sh*t sh*t sh*t
That A R tickle n***as
The source of it all b*t*h I been the n***a
Cash in the right hand
Swipe left you on tinder n***a
What I look like
Two for 99 b*t*h you have got to go
I’m god and goat
I’m gotti now you got it b*t*h
Nobody like him
I’m probably from under world
And half vampire werewolf and Michael Tyson
With lsd on his toungue
I see what they on my d**k for
I am
A cheat code like lance Armstrong extra
Exercising my demons
Oh hey
b*t*h stop calling my phone you ain’t runnin that knot knot
We kill for what you do in life
Fine baby
Yousa lie
Fine baby
Fine baby